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Powerful comeback of Projet Ensemble because of Omicron restrictions

Due to the restrictions to counter the Omicron variant, the team of Projet Ensemble has decided to reactivate the chats/café-rencontres and physical activities through the tablets.

Today we discussed our plan of attack for the next few weeks and clarified the tasks. We also want to re-launch our partnerships with the network of community organizations in the neighborhoods. Miriam Rouleau-Perez (community organizer), Sandra Tickner (music therapist and team leader), Azuredee Caines (social worker) and Gilles Grenier (volunteer) participated in our meeting with the seniors of the neighborhood. The event took place in a semi-festive atmosphere (as is always the case with the Projet Ensemble).

Among other things, Sandra introduced us to her charming rooster (named Charming) who couldn't get enough of singing until she picked him up and her dog - a certain Bobby. In any case, if we ever need a mascot for our project in the future, we will have plenty to choose from.


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