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A "balconnade" is a concept adapted from Italian culture. We started them during the pandemic in order to counter the isolation of the elderly, identify possible situations of vulnerability (local intervention on site), provide information on resources, raise awareness of public health instructions (washing hands, distancing, wearing face covers) and get moving a little ... in a caring atmosphere.

The balconnades are organized during the summer in the following districts:

Verdun: The Immigrant Grannies for Development and Integration in collaboration with the TCRAV (Concertation elder Verdun) organize 8 musical events per week throughout the month of June.

Ville-Émard-Côte-Saint-Paul: The Senior Concertation Committee VÉCSP organizes 10 musical events in front of 10 senior homes per week, for one month 😉

Pointe-St-Charles: The OSM will perform concerts in front of senior towers ...

Little Burgundy: Budget confirmed! An invitation to organize balconnades was launched by the Coalition of Little Burgundy.

Saint-Henri: The Center des femmes actives via Solidarité St-Henri have requested to hold balconnades in front of the elderly living quarters of St-Henri.


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