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Helping together our isolated seniors 

The goal of our project is to break the isolation of seniors in the Sud-Ouest and Verdun (SOV) territory and create mutual aid networks.

Our Goal

The Ensemble Project is a collective co-construction resulting from the reflection of several partners worried about the harmful impacts (bereavement, loss of links, networks, mobility, autonomy, distress) of confinement among isolated and vulnerable seniors.

Virtual Communities

Our goal is to make our seniors with loss of autonomy more active and happy. Through an inclusive approach, we organize virtual activities with the aim of creating a network of mutual aid and developing technological skills for our seniors.


A balconnade is a concept adapted from Italian culture. We started them during the pandemic in order to counter the isolation of the elderly, identify possible situations of vulnerability, provide information on resources, raise awareness of public health instructions and get things moving a little ...

Scarves of Memory

“Les foulards de la Mémoire” is an assembly of eclectic works beautifully knitted, crocheted and embroidered (by more than 125 knitters and embroiderers, citizen volunteers), commemorating the 251 seniors of the Sud-Ouest and Verdun boroughs who sadly succumbed to COVID in the CHSLDs in our neighborhoods.

Art therapy

Organization of art therapy workshops (face-to-face and online) in four neighborhoods: Petite-Bourgogne, Saint-Henri, Ville-Émard-Côte-Saint-Paul and Verdun.

The goal is to break the isolation by connecting with others in a group context and by sharing a common project.

Our approach: Co-creation

Our approach is based on participatory design; a collaborative process where the synthesis of social and technological domains is essential. This design process is based on mutual learning and co-construction. The participatory design approach recognizes beneficiaries as active partners.

Our partners

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